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National Theatre Wales

A Small World Theatre


‘Big Democracy Joined Up’

What do you care about - climate change, fracking, inequality, rights? In Wales at this time, positive change is possible if enough people get involved in shaping the future. An Assembly at Small World Theatre’s near zero carbon arts space in Cardigan could generate an informed action plan for participation and change. As an organisation with sustainability and participation at our core we have been using theatre and creativity to influence policy and inform development for a long time.

Although not all Welsh Government policies are universally great, praise where praise is due, some legislation is very positive. The new Future Generations Act has far-reaching goals for a more equal Wales that is; globally responsible, supports cohesive communities, a vibrant culture and a thriving Welsh language. This act applies to many public bodies.

So let’s use what already exists to engage with government. Prior to the Act the ‘national conversation’ called ‘the Wales we Want’ was launched so the people of Wales could have their say on the issues that mattered to them. This fed into the Act to help identify how to create a more vibrant and sustainable Wales. Many people still don’t know about this.

Big democracy provides an opportunity through arts and theatre, creative facilitation and the forum theatre process to engage more people in envisaging ‘The Wales We Want’. Expanding this existing government mechanism and building on the Future Generations Act, we have the potential to change the way we do things in Wales.

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