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National Theatre Wales

West Coast Arts


'The Elderly, Infirm and their care givers'

It seems we all know someone who has required or has given care yet we don't understand the financial and emotional implications until it happens to us or a loved one.  The care situation locally, in Pembrokeshire, requires attention. We have come in contact with full time professional carers who regularly struggle to pay bills due to not being paid for travel time in our sparsely populated county,  many feel they don't have time to actually care for their service users. We hope to give these hard working people a voice 

We have eager support from a handful of exceptional musicians from across Wales and England. including Rowan Liggett Playwright/Performer/Musician, who, along with his artistic contribution, will provide a hive of knowledge on the subject due to his personal experiences. Through Art we will be able to inspire empathy which can only lead to honest debate and honest debate will lead to action on a national level when the Big Democracy Project goes to the Senedd. We care about Wales and we want Wales to care about those in need.

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