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National Theatre Wales

What's On

Show/Project Type Dates Accessibility
Your Work Shows
Creative Development Shows Throughout the year
NHS70: No Profit in Pain Shows 5 July 2018
NHS70: Touch Shows 27 & 28 July 2018
NHS70: Splish Splash Shows July 2018
NHS70: Laughter is the Best Medicine Shows 21 July 2018
NHS70: ECZEMA! Shows July 2018 Disabled Access
The Tide Whisperer Shows September 2018
English Shows 14-24 June 2018 Sign Language
NHS70: A FESTIVAL Shows Throughout July 2018
NHS70: COTTON FINGERS Shows 4-7 July 2018 Disabled Access
NHS70: PEGGY’S SONG Shows 5-7 July 2018
NHS70: FOR ALL I CARE Shows 12-14 July 2018 Disabled Access
NHS70: COME BACK TOMORROW Shows 26-28 July 2018 Disabled Access
NHS70: THE STICK MAKER TALES Shows 11-14 July 2018
NHS70: As Long as the Heart Beats Shows 21-22 July 2018 Disabled Access
TEAM Team Throughout the year
TEAM Education Team