5 minutes with… Shweta Patil

March 16, 2021

Catching up with new TEAM Panel member, Shweta Patil.

Shweta is “an artistic soul stuck in a tech professional” – a software Engineer who loves acting and classical Indian dance. She runs her own YouTube channel in her mother tongue called Marathi (spoken in the Indian state of Maharashtra).

  • What inspired you to join the TEAM Panel?

When I got to know about TEAM panel that TEAM members are leaders in the community and they create, perform and organise. This concept itself is inspiring, it would help me find myself again.

  • What excites you most about working with NTW?

I can contribute my opinions where they matter. I like theatre and stage, which are associated with NTW. I always wanted to be associated with the theatre but after leaving India, I was not sure how I could contribute to Welsh theatre, that is why NTW is a  great place to work.

  • What difference do you hope to make at NTW?

Honestly, as I am a new member I don’t know the variety of things NTW already does, but I would like to see more events which would help lift the mental health of the people, not just after the pandemic or because of the pandemic but for those people stuck at home due to their partner’s illness.

  • What would you like our audiences to know about you?

Well, I am an Indian soul living in Wales for a few years now. I love Wales and Welsh people. I can use my knowledge and perspective of Indian art to learn and contribute to Welsh theatre.  I love British culture and I am trying to learn and adapt in it as culture is a thing that attracts me. I am a vlogger who is trying to talk about the UK in my mother tongue, called Marathi. My YouTube channel is called – Marathi Mulgi in UK, and it has 4.1K subscribers as of now. 

I am a person who tries to bring the community together, for that I have tried to celebrate Diwali with my friends in Felinheli in 2017. 

I am a student of a classical Indian dance form called – Kathak.

  • What is your most memorable theatrical experience?

When I visited Europe for the first time, I was curious about the Opera, I attended it in Budapest when I was a student. It was an impressive performance! Madam Butterfly was performed in Hungarian state opera. Italian songs and overall presentation was new to me but it was an absolutely enchanting performance.

  • Where is your favourite place in Wales and why?

For city breaks I like Cardiff, it is convenient but a bigger city. For rural beauty, I love Newborough beach in North Wales. I love North West Wales as it has lovely mountains and sea 🙂


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