Casting Policy


NTW has an integrated casting policy and is committed to racial, cultural and artistic diversity. NTW is committed to openness in the way productions are cast and the way actors and their agents are dealt with throughout the casting process.

NTW will work with a wide variety of directors, companies, venues, places, and theatre-making practices across the programme. While each production may have very different casting requirements, NTW seeks to create an integrated, fair, transparent and professional process which prioritises engagement with a wide community of actors.

Most casting will be determined by auditions. Notices detailing the time, place, and specific requirements of each individual audition shall be posted, as far in advance as possible, via Spotlight Link to agents and actors, as well as on the NTW online Community.

Under certain circumstances directors may pre-cast a role or roles in consultation with the Artistic Director of NTW. If any roles have been pre-cast that information shall be included in all audition announcements.

Each production will be cast by its director, assisted by NTW. The Artistic Director and Producer will oversee the casting process and, where applicable, living writers or the estate of dead writers will have been granted casting consultation.

There will always be first round auditions held in Wales. These will primarily take place in the NTW office in Cardiff, but auditions across Wales will be appropriate at key times and NTW will be responsive to actors’ geographic factors. Additional auditions may also be held in other parts of the UK if required, but we will never ask a Wales-based actor to come for a first audition outside of Wales. Unfortunately, NTW is unable to pay audition fees including travel expenses for first round auditions, but will pay travel expenses for those asked to attend recall auditions where these are more than 45 miles away from their home base.

Information regarding the role / production / dates / scripts will be provided in advance of the audition, where available and appropriate. Scripts will be sent electronically unless requested in hard copy. Where new commissions are still in draft stages, NTW may be working with a script in-progress or earlier version/adaptation or might sometimes not have a script at all. We reserve the right to continue to develop the script with the writer.

After auditions we will always let artists know if they have or have not been successful as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer feedback to everyone who has attended an audition, but will endeavour to do so for everyone called for recall auditions (if held) if requested.

Once a role has been offered we would hope to receive a response as soon as reasonably possible, in order that we can make other offers, if necessary, and not delay or impair the casting process.

NTW is committed to enriching English language theatre-making in Wales and enhancing the opportunities for Welsh and Wales-based artists to be part of world class theatre making in their home nation. Priority will be given to casting Welsh and Wales-based artists, except in cases where specialist skills or a particular character description necessitate otherwise. In addition, NTW aims for a cultural diversity in its casts which reflects the reality of contemporary Wales, and will if necessary, recruit actors from outside Wales to achieve cultural diversity in casting.

NTW believes that specific project-focused casting sessions are more valuable to artists and directors than open general sessions. NTW will aim to meet the widest possible range of actors during production casting, rather than non-specific general meets. However, at times we may hold acting workshops led by key guest practitioners as part of our programme of training and developing the creative sector in Wales.

As well as specific suggestions for parts, NTW welcomes general submissions at all times to the following email: and we will keep CVs on file. In the interests of sustainability and our digital operating model we favour electronic CVs and will aim to keep this database of CVs as an electronic filing system. We encourage actors and agents to sign up to our Community site:

This is also where actors can tell NTW about work to come and see; NTW is committed to seeing work across Wales and the UK and will endeavour to respond to as many invitations as possible.

We will include cast lists on the production pages of the website.

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