Strategic Equalities Plan - National Theatre Wales

Strategic Equalities Plan

Our vision as a national theatre company is to make theatre matter as a force for change. Harnessing the power of Wales’ stories, people and places to collectively imagine and shape a more equal, sustainable and environmentally just world.

We simply will not achieve this vision if our company and our sector continue to uphold a culture and ways of doing things that exclude or disempower people of colour, disabled and neurodiverse people, the Deaf community, LGBTQI+ people and the working class.

It matters to us deeply that theatre in Wales is for everyone. It is critical to our purpose and success as artists, producers, as a publicly funded institution and as people who come to work every day to make a meaningful contribution to our nation’s culture.

Our Strategic Equalities Plan lays out our current focus and commitments towards dismantling barriers and empowering those undervalued and underrepresented in theatre in Wales:

Strategic Equalities Plan 2021-22
Strategic Equalities Plan 2021-22 – Plain Text
Strategic Equalities Plan 2021-22 – Easy Read

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