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Our commitment to Wales extends beyond its venues, communities and talent, to its future. We’re living in a climate crisis. We have to change the way we do things, and as a national theatre, we have to take a lead.

The Theatre Green Book is an initiative by the theatre industry to work more sustainably. It sets standards for making sustainable choices in every part of the creative process. From calculating the carbon footprint of materials, to reusing and recycling.

We’re committed to making sustainable theatre by following the principles of the Theatre Green Book. We promise to share more of our progress towards becoming carbon neutral, and our learnings along the way.

We mostly work out of a small office in Cardiff, so it is relatively easy to manage our day-to-day impact; our staff are encouraged to cycle or walk to work, we use public transport as a priority when travelling around the country, and plan each journey carefully when we have to use vehicles to minimise our impact.

We are exploring ways to improve our impact on the environment in terms of our productions. For example, the future use of the sets and equipment informs our decisions when planning a production. We don’t own equipment or facilities of our own, but share assets with other companies and artists.

In short, we have three key phrases that we use in planning and executing our work:

  • Plan more carefully
  • Share more often
  • Talk to more people

If you’ve any feedback or ideas on how we, our artists and audiences can work together to be more environmentally responsible, please contact David, Head of Production, at

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