Carys Eleri releases Go tell the Bees – Dod Nol at fy Nghoed to raise money for Size of Wales

July 8, 2020

Go tell the Bees – Dod Nol at fy Nghoed, a bilingual charity single, written and performed by Carys Eleri and co-written and produced by Branwen Munn, will be released on Saturday 11 July.

Go tell the Bees – Dod Nol at fy Nghoed was the emotional climax to our recent Go Tell The Bees Virtual Procession, a celebration of music, dance and stories marking the summer solstice, created with the people of Pembrokeshire.

Carys was inspired to begin writing the song last year, when coming to grips with her grief for her father whom she lost tragically during a run of her show ‘Lovecraft’ at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2018.

Throughout 2019 – a manic year of touring – Carys found she would pay attention to her own emotions when back in her family home, and when she realised that she was now responsible for her father’s abundant garden she took joy in caring for it, as it brought her closer to him as well as providing inner peace. They both shared a love for the earth and a huge concern for the environment.

The song sat perfectly in our Go Tell The Bees Virtual Procession, a celebration of humans’ place in nature in which Carys played the role of Olwen, Goddess of the Sun. This was the perfect opportunity for the song to be fully realised and produced remotely with her long-term collaborator Branwen Munn. 

The track is now being released to raise awareness of the work of Size of Wales, who encourage the people of Wales to help tackle climate change by taking simple positive actions.

Size of Wales’ main aim – to protect rainforests the size of Wales – was realised in 2013, and so they have furthered their mission and want to double that good work by protecting rainforests twice the size of Wales. They primarily raise awareness of climate change through education, and as Carys’ father, David, was a proud teacher, who valued and loved learning so much, this is a very fitting way to remember him.

This song showcases Carys’ powerful voice and is full of longing – a call from nature to humans to listen and talk to the bees before the Earth as we know it is destroyed forever – a sentiment which runs throughout the Go Tell The Bees Virtual Procession, set in Pembrokeshire and co-created by Naomi Chiffi, Almir Koldzic, Gavin Porter and Julia Thomas. .

The Welsh phrase ‘Dod nol at fy nghoed’ literally translates as ‘To return to my trees’, but as a saying it means to return to a balanced state of mind. Since lockdown, so many people have shared their experiences of finding a connection with nature and this song is a soulful and uplifting reflection of this period, when we have been able to consider what is most important to us, thinking about our own relationship with the natural world around us and to each other, as a community. 

The accompanying video mixes epic landscape shots of Pembrokeshire by Wayne Boucher and Di Ford, alongside beautiful animations by Gemma Green Hope. It is an ode to the beauty that surrounds us here in Wales. 

Carys says, “I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to each person involved for agreeing to let their art shine on through this deeply personal song and to NTW TEAM for the wonderful opportunity.” She hopes to release an EP by the end of the year with Branwen, which explores her thoughts and experiences of grief through a collection of powerful and moving songs that she has written over the last two years.

The video will be released on AM this Saturday 11 July and the track will be available to purchase, stream, and download on your favourite music platform.


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