Professional Development Labs

Who are they for?

Emerging to mid-career artists from various backgrounds, looking to spend time exchanging practice.

What are they?

We know that artists find it hard to find the time to get together, share ideas, practice and process. Professional Development Labs give you and artists you want to work with the opportunity to design your own performance laboratory that enables exchange.

Having carried out extensive consultation, we know that artists are looking for different ways to be supported to get together and share physical space, ways of working, ideas, skills and experiences. This is particularly important for more rural (and potentially more isolated) individuals, who until now have relied on informal networks to stay connected. We want to hear from creatives from various artistic backgrounds who want to conceive, apply for and deliver an intensive development period based on their needs.

We’ll be looking to support proposals for innovative ways to share skills, ideas and/or process more broadly in formats that allow artists to get away from their everyday.

Professional Development Labs are supported by:



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