A View from Rehearsals

Mehefin 5, 2018

An empty space.

Or so it seems.

A person in the space fills it with their thoughts, their history, every moment that has preceded this one.

It seems obvious, yet all too often we forget.

But how does that person share all those things that fill the room around them? Sharing requires more people, but more people have more thoughts, more histories. It multiplies, becomes richer. More complicated.

For most of us language is our first method of sharing. Our words give shape to our opinions, our experiences.

Once you speak the vibrations from your vocal chords last forever, becoming weaker, less distinct, more scattered, but still there. Words have power – literally and figuratively.

Our glorious performer Jonny has more than enough experience to fill multiple rooms. So far in the rehearsal room we have been exploring what to share, how to share it, how to invite others to share. Do we make more space, or share the one we have?

All we know is that we start with an empty space.

Or so it seems.



  • Mehefin 24, 2019
    Dewch i gymryd rhan yn ein arolwg cynulleidfa
  • Mehefin 7, 2019
    Mae fy angerdd fel cyfarwyddwr wedi ei wreiddio yn y gwaith a wnaf gydag awduron ac actorion.
  • Chwefror 16, 2019
    Castio STORM.3
  • Chwefror 15, 2019
    Gadael Oily Cart – Francesca Pickard
  • Chwefror 11, 2019
    The Agency – Cylch 2 – Gavin Porter
  • Rhagfyr 5, 2018
    The Agency – Y Diweddaraf – Gavin Porter
  • Tachwedd 14, 2018
    Year One in Pembrokeshire – Robbie Price
  • Tachwedd 14, 2018
    Year One in Wrexham – Lizzie Glazier
  • Tachwedd 12, 2018
    Neges gan gadeirydd bwrdd National Theatre Wales, Clive Jones
  • Tachwedd 9, 2018
    TEAM ledled Cymru a Cip olwg yn ôl dros Gwyl NHS70
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