About Kidstown

Come and play.

Kidstown is a massive game that children make up themselves.

After being handed a passport, kids will enter the giant outdoor arena. Here, they'll find stuff to play with, build and wear. Assistants will be on hand to help them realise their imaginings.

Grown-ups cannot enter. Instead, they're invited to kick back, relax and listen to the rolling news broadcast of the happenings inside.

We laid the foundations of Kidstown in Newtown in August 2022. Over two weeks, local artists and the community helped us prototype the idea.

This year, we’re returning to Newtown from 25-29 July and bringing Kidstown to two new locations: the National Eisteddfod from 5-12 August and Ebbw Vale from 18-21 August.

All of this builds to 2024, when we’ll make an epic show based on all of our interviews with the young residents of Kidstown, and the stories they have to tell.

Meet Nigel and Louise

Kidstown is a project we’ve dreamed up with Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari.

If you don’t know Nigel and Louise, they make “wild, bold, visual performances for people who don’t really like theatre and unusual theatrical experiences for those who do”.

Their recent work includes Dog Ballet (dogs included) and Party Skills for the End of the World.

You can find out more about them here.