Glesni Price-Jones

Glesni is a freelance creative producer working with many of the most exciting production companies in Wales. Previously, Glesni worked as a Stage and Production Manager with various organisations in Wales.

She is currently working with the Wales Millenium Centre on Lovecraft (Not the Sex Shop in Cardiff), Be Aware Productions gig theatre piece Enough is Enough and Welsh and Turkish drama Kargalar/Y Brain as well as with a host of other companies including Dirty Protest, Powderhouse, Give it a Name, Neontopia, Triongl and Mercury Theatre Wales.

Projects Glesni is working on with Creative Development

– To the Future World/ I’r Byd Dyfodol – Hefin Jones

– Jac Ifan Moore’s Located Residency

– Alison John, yello brick, Digital Located Residency

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