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National Theatre Wales


“Homer’s Iliad captures two weeks: the story of a squabble and the repercussions of Achilles’s refusal to fight for Agamemnon. Christopher Logue’s poetic accounts took over 40 years of labour: an original, poetic reimagining of the main events in Homer, in five parts – Kings; The Husbands; All Day Permanent Red; Cold Calls; and War Music.

Greeks and Trojans meeting: in single combats; in beachhead camps; on chaotic battlefields; in smoky halls…

Arguments, negotiations, deadly encounters, untimely deaths: venal, vivid, visceral…

And ever-present, the Gods: wilfully interfering in human affairs…

The challenge: to make theatre of scale and duration to match Homer.

The ambition: to perform – for the first time – the whole of Logue’s startling text.

The plan: to build a theatre machine – a combination of sound, video, live action, setting – fit for the task.”

Mike Pearson & Mike Brookes

This will be the third production made for NTW by Mike Pearson & Mike Brookes. The first, The Persians, was performed in an army training village in the Brecon Beacons in August 2010. The second, Coriolan/us, in an aircraft hangar in the Vale of Glamorgan in August 2012.