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National Theatre Wales


Monday 21 & Monday 28 September The Ffwrnes, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire


The Greeks have been on the beach for nine years. Their expedition to recover Helen, whose kidnapping sparked the war with the Trojans, has stalled. Tempers are frayed; leaders are squabbling. Achilles throws a strop and decides not to fight. The Gods take sides.

Can the Greeks survive without their greatest warrior? Will King Agamemnon go it alone? Can Troy’s best warrior Hector save his city?

Scenes of accusation and bad blood, of passion and anxiety, of fervour and doubt, of recklessness and funk.

Ticket Prices
£20 / £15 conc (Single Performance)
£60 / £45 conc (Marathon)
£70 / £50 conc (4 single performances when bought together)

Box Office
02920 371 689