Mycelium - National Theatre Wales


July 10, 2020

Tell us about your project: 

Our project is called Mycelium, created under the Agency at the National Theatre Wales , it is run by 3 young artists that pair young creatives with spaces across Cardiff. We are hoping to utilise unused areas such as bus stops and blank spaces in shops by placing the artwork of these young creatives there. This will make these spaces more appealing whilst creating an opportunity for young artists to express their work. It also allows us to build a relation between artists and established businesses and get to know more people in our community!
Currently we have been running a competition on our instagram @mycelium_art and are now in the process of setting up the works across Cardiff.

What motivated you to do it?: 

A lot of our motivation stemmed from the Agency which is a project that provides training, support and funding for young people to develop passions into projects. As young artists ourselves, we wanted to create an opportunity for others in our community to showcase their talents whether it be small doodling or art on a larger scale. Now that we have been given funding, we are very excited to finally showcase the talent that has been submitted so far!

How has your work been informed/affected by quarantine?:

Our idea had the main point of showcasing the art in public spaces around Cardiff however, due to many of these places being closed as a result of the quarantine, we’ve had to find other ways to display the art. We instead ran an online competition and are now slowly turning it into an exhibition whilst still utilising public spaces. On the bright side, working online due to quarantine has allowed us to expand to a wider audience of creatives and it’s been wonderful to see businesses and creative companies enthusiastic about our project and so willing to help. 

What has it been like being part of The Agency? How has it helped the project?

The Agency has been a wonderful opportunity to be a part of. While the Agency gave us a chance to build our project Mycelium by ourselves we have still been supported every step of the way by our mentors. We have been really listened to and taken seriously as young creatives, especially during these last couple of months when we had to reshape our project. This challenged us to think everything through from how to push our initial idea, working as a team, managing a budget to getting contacts!  It’s been a great learning experience for us ,  being able to meet new people and see their projects grow alongside yours has been inspiring and we’re so glad to have been a part of it.

The faces behind mycelium: From Left to right – Kashiv, Tahlia and Juliette

Early days of Mycelium , pitching our project to the public in the WMC:

Our first time presenting what would become Mycelium:

The agency panel day:

Our Mycelium competition poster and logos. Designs by Setch Wise:


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