February 23, 2018

My experience in the arts has been fruitful, and I haven’t just been limited to doing and learning one thing. Through many opportunities and routes, I’ve been able to decide my aims for the future and level up what has worked for me in terms of my career path.

From experiencing working as a Stage Manager for a National Theatre Wales Performance Party, where I was able to gain confidence and learn a great trade of theatre, to being on board with a touring show as Emerging Director, where I was able to network with other professionals. Overall I feel that both roles have presented highs and professional development as well as personal growth.

From this, I’ve realised that I am at my most satisfied when I am creating and performing in a collaborative environment, where ideas are welcomed and everyone is heard. I get a buzz off of laughter and seeing people happy whilst also working hard towards a joint target!

National Theatre Wales were able to provide financial support when I undertook the Stage Management placement, for which I relocated to Cardiff for a month to complete. This was extremely helpful as I was a student at the time, and early in my career this helped ease additional stress, particularly when I was considering my work experience choices.

As a result of National Theatre Wales presenting me with these opportunities, I am currently not only an aspiring actress but also work as a (FIO) facilitator delivering workshops for young people ages 7+ and 11+ at the Wales Millennium Centre. I will continue to do what I love and feel content with my journey!

Natasha Simone, TEAM panel member, Actress and Director.


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