Go Tell The Bees


Go Tell The Bees

Planet Earth is in crisis. Digitally, we are more plugged in than ever before, yet so many of us talk of an increasing sense of disconnect from others and the natural world around us…

The idea of sharing important community and family news with bees is rooted across the folklore and mythological traditions of Wales and across the world. The story goes that, whenever we fail to do so, the bees will leave their hives and disappear from our area…

Over the last four years NTW TEAM has been embedded in the communities of Pembrokeshire, exploring the key things that matter most for the people of the county.  Having decided on climate change and the environment as the most urgent issue, Go Tell The Bees is the community’s co-created response – a bold new work that redefines the way in which theatre is made while telling a universal story of our human connection to nature and to each other. 

Phil - Storytelling tasks

About the show


This summer we had hoped to be letting our imaginations run riot with the people of Pembrokeshire on their beautiful beaches, mountains, forests, castles and towns, shaping and creating the live production this autumn. We still will… just not yet. 

For now, it’s time to re-think and to approach things differently and we want you to help us.  Over the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing a series of special creative missions for all the family to do together, to help us prepare for the celebration….it’s time to act.  Come and create, make, discuss and explore with us.

Go Tell The Bees will be shared over the course of a weekend against a magical Pembrokeshire backdrop; a festival-style celebration of creation between National Theatre Wales TEAM, Counterpoint Arts and local communities, offering the chance to come together in recognition of our connection to each other and the natural world we share. 


We know that at the moment, the idea of large gatherings of people comes with a conflicting mesh of hope and anticipation, uncertainty and anxiety. Like all things to do with our approach to Go Tell the Bees, we will be taking the lead from the community. Even when it is deemed safe to be in an outdoor space together again, we will be working with you to decide whether it feels right to be.

We will be using all our opportunities to connect with how people feel about this through our R&D activities this summer and will keep you posted about our planning around the Festival weekend all along the way…

Creative Team – Video

Ben Mason – Video Composer

John Lawrence – Video Composer

Gemma Green-Hope – Video Creator

Ioan Hefin – Video Narrator


Audio Described video


You made sunflowers, wore face paint, put on brightly coloured clothing, danced and celebrated for our Virtual Procession. If we really want to understand our place in nature, we need to stop and take a breath. Hear the birds, the trees, watch the flowers bloom and listen to the sea with the latest activities as part of Go Tell the Bees.

Storyteller Phil Okwedy takes you through a series of five stories, each with their own activities for you to complete at home.

Explore the power of the imagination and of story and remember – it only takes a little imagination to help change the world.


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