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Mycelium Gallery 3


Widad, 14 @__widy__

Hi my name is Widad and I’m 14 years old. In my drawing I represented a black child thinking: ” maybe in this city they won’t kill me for the colour of my skin”. I decided to draw this because, no matter what skin colour you have, we are all equal. Children deserve to be raised in a peaceful city like Cardiff.


Ethyn, 14 @ethyn_ishooman

Hello, I’m Ethyn I’m 14 years old. I’m from Cardiff and I’m taking art for GCSE. My art is normally portraits and using just pencils. I want to be a famous artist when I grow up and everyone wanting to buy my art and inspire other children to draw like I do. I’m not the best and there’s still a lot of room for improvement but I learn quickly. I hope you like my drawing of the Cardiff castle.

Nouhaila Charhabil

Nouhaila Charhabil, 19 @nhl_c 

Hi, my name is Nouhaila, I’m 19 years old and I’m from Cardiff. I decided to draw a nurse in honour of our health heroes. In this drawing, the nurse has a Cardiff flag in her mask, in order to represent the community of Wales.

Sara Hussnain

Sara Hussnain, 16 @sara.hussnain.21 

My name is Sara and I am 16 years old. I really enjoy painting and so decided to enter the competition by painting some of the attractions in Cardiff. I really like the castles as well as Doctor who so I decided to include the tardis too! I also like bold colours and so felt that styling my piece like a graffiti wall would work best!

Meg Jones

Meg Jones, 21 @toomuch.meg

Hi there, I’m Meg and I’m 21yo. I decided to to celebrate this young artist challenge by honouring an artist that paved the way for us creatives from the Cardiff Area, Roald Dahl created a large spectrum of characters in his time, so I decided to illustrate two of his young characters that represents that of “naughty and nice”.

Chloe Davies

Chloe Davies, 19 @chloe_davies._

Hi, my name’s Chloe and I am 19. I am currently studying Art Practices at USW. I’ve always been inspired by Cardiff Castle, from visiting as a young child to watch a jousting event to attending a music concert recently. I’ve enjoyed creating this piece, I hope you can enjoy it too.

Jenise Thomas

Jenise Thomas, 18 @_jennyradiant_ 

Hi! my name is Jenise Thomas and I’m 18 years old. I had unfortunately lost my passion for art a little while ago and recently, I’m really trying to gain it back by producing pieces that comes from the heart and is something that I just really want to do. In light of the mass protesting and movement of BLM not just across the world, but also across social media platforms, I want to bring Cardiff residents’ attention to what was once known as Tiger Bay.

As a POC (person of colour), it is important for me to educate myself about those and events that have contributed to keeping oppression, discrimination and racism active in all societies. Hence the quote, “You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in.” Tiger Bay and the ‘Race Riots’ in 1919 is often looked back with sorrow and empathy, as it should, but I wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the diversity then and now as the community is evidently strong and triumphant to still be here today.


@loose02_ , 18

I’m going on 18, I live in butetown and I hope to become a detective but also do art on the side Unfortunately due to college work, I haven’t been able to make much work that revolves around Cardiff apart from one piece.

I’m a communist-socialist. I’m really interested in history. I like reading, especially the works of Marx and Lenin. For the first drawing I did, it’s based on Butetown. The flats and mosque in the drawing are the flats and the mosque here in Butetown and the quote at the top is a section of poetry on a piece of street art here in Butetown. The drawing I did of Stalin was just for fun and the Russian quotation at the bottom if from a Soviet Song, Армия моя, which translates to My Army. Oh also, I’m a Pakistani male. I was born and bred here in Cardiff.


Hamda, 17 @hxmdxx_15 

My name is Hamda I’m 17 years old and I enjoy art. I decided to draw Cardiff castle because it’s the heart of Wales. I’ve lived in Wales my entire life and I think very important that we all work together to fight against racism so I thought I’d base my piece on that!




So my concept was to create a public art piece with the basis of both Welsh and Cardiff history.

I have a deep love of the myths and legends that form so much of Wales and the culture it brings and I felt that those things deeply echo in modern life. Cardiff to is steeped in history and in legends and now so many people make memories, make their lives in Cardiff so I wanted a piece that joins the love of the old and mysterious with new love and new memories.

I then came to the realisation I didn’t have the necessary materials at home due to lockdown, that and the fact I have never worked on a large metal piece before but I had fallen head over heels with the idea.

A shell of a woman, one of the weeping women of legends who were forbidden by their father often the lord of the land from seeing their suitor, a poor man from the village but who vowed their love for him alone and often are now cited in tales of ghosts.

The flowing dress made of metal with patterns also of metal to allow the public to attach their own love locks, locking in place a new memory and a new love to the sculpture to join the old with the new in the Capital city and beating heart of Wales.

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