Mycelium Gallery 2 - National Theatre Wales

Mycelium Gallery 2


Maira, 14 @mux_art 

My name is Maira I am 14 and I am from Newport . I come from a large family and I have many fond memories of Cardiff . I drew my design in pencil and added colour with watercolor pencils. My work is of a red dragon’s eye with the silhouette of Cardiff bay in the iris. The red dragon is a godd representation of Wales and Cardiff is the heart of Wales . I hope you like it.

Haris Hussnain

Haris Hussnain, 18 @haris_479

I am a massive history geek so I wanted to do some of the historical locations in Wales like the Sir Ninian war statue and the Principality stadium. To me Cardiff is famous for it’s non conformity which I have tried to include in the Style I made this in. I also like magical colour schemes which I have also tried to include.

Laila Abdoola

Zinzi Sibanda

Zinzi Sibanda, 14 @zinzi246

Some of my favourite photos I’ve taken around Cardiff. Thank you for considering me!

Kate Keohane

Kate Keohane, 21 @keohxne_ 

Hi I’m Kate! I’m a 21 year old Cardiff University History graduate and I also run a tattoo-inspired art page. I wanted to marry together my love of Cardiff, Welsh history and tattoos all together for this piece. The tattoos on her arms are based on Welsh history and culture, such as Gelert the dog, the Red Dragon and Cardiff Castle. Also items such as love spoons, rugby balls and the Welsh language for a cultural aspect. I really enjoyed creating something for a city I love so much!

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan, 17

A picture of an empty Mermaid Quay.


Kai, 16

My name is Kai. I am 16 years old and my art work is of the two main attractions in Cardiff the millennium stadium and Cardiff Castle I also included Cardiffs very own football team logo. I had this idea as soon as I saw your flyer. I chose these three ideas in particular because they are what makes Cardiff complete in my own personal view. They are beautiful attractions to paint/draw and I felt both the millennium stadium and Cardiff Castle were out of my comfort zone but felt the urge to push myself to my limits. I think I did a pretty good job however this is just a doodle I threw together.

Kristan McDonald

Kristan McDonald, 25 @kristancreates 

My name is Kristan , I am 25 and live in Grangetown.

I paint portraits of TV and film characters in the form of 1/6 scale figures. My main focus is that of Doctor Who characters. Doctor Who is very heavily linked to Cardiff and it has been used as many filming locations since 2005.

Amber Forde

Amber Forde, 18 @brogasm_ 

My name is Amber ,I am 18 years old from Cardiff! My work focuses around abstract figures and I like to use them to promote diversity!

Sophie Yelland Bentovim

Sophie Yelland Bentovim, 21

Hi! My name is Sophie. My art is about the perception of our lived experience and human condition. Recently I have been looking at my personal and public spaces around Cardiff. I’ve been looking at this as I find through lockdown my experience of these spaces have been changed alot. So I’ve been interested in documenting that change and sharing that with people in order to create connections and to share these altered experiences and feelings towards these spaces. I would love the opportunity to do this on a larger scale on the streets of Cardiff. And I’m a multidisciplinary artist but my main practice is collage, painting and ceramics.

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