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Mycelium Gallery 4


Seb @sebpegg

All the pictures are done in acrylic paint. Blue and Interlude are on canvas; Faces was done on individual paper plates and BLM is on paper which was done as a response to the killing of George Floyd and a wish to help raise awareness.


Luca, 23 @cascioepepe 

I’m Luca, I’m a 23 year old Italian guy living in Cardiff. These pics represent my relationship with the city and the uk, with its nature and history, during the time of lockdown.

Harry Pizzey

Harry Pizzey @pizzey_

This linocut print is of the view from our roof where we live on Albany Road. It features the back of the beloved Rainbow Bargains and our local pigeons which we have made friends with during lockdown.

Joe Davies

Joe Davies, 21 @joeyzeki

I’m a 21 year old illustration graduate based in Cardiff. I love to design and create characters in my work so I decided to focus on illustrating the atmosphere of a busy match day in Cardiff and the different characters that you see in and around the city centre.


Iris – 16 @iris_draws_sufficiently 

Hello I’m Iris, I’m 16 and I’m from Newport.

I thought for the prompt of Cardiff I’d paint something around Pride seeing as Cardiff pride is usually one of my favourite things about summer, and I’m really missing this year. The painting is based on a a photo I took of my dad at Pride a few year back and it’s painted in acrylics.

Petros Kourtellaris

Petros Kourtellaris, 22 @petroskourtellaris 

My name is Petros Kourtellaris and I am a 22 year old, Cardiff based, Cypriot born designer, maker and performer.

My submission reimagines the Welsh dragon as a symbol of unity in a dramatic flying pose in hope for better days. Acrylics on paper.

Rhiannon Rees-Williamson

Rhiannon Rees-Williamson, 23 @rhiannonrw.maker

These works are based around my experience of Lockdown in Cardiff. I created these simple illustrative motif’s to represent the collective mood among these city streets during the Lockdown.

The bright bold choice of shape and colour was designed for public art, as it is readable from afar and will catch the eye amongst the cityscape. I wanted to use a simple language of common symbols and shapes so the message can be read easily and is totally inclusive. Im really passionate about making art that reaches different audiences and I believe that art should take paramount place in the public space. This way, art can enhance the place we all live and share. These pictures also look at our relationship with mobile phones and how we detach from our surroundings and escape to another place. By depicting the detached and isolated parts of modern life in a place that is open and shared I hope to bring more connectivity amongst people.

About me, I am Rhiannon Rees-Williamson and I am an artist currently based in Cardiff. I am 23. I graduated last year from Cardiff Metropolitan, with a Artist, Designer Maker Degree. Since the lockdown I adopted painting as my artistic medium and I hope to grow and expand these skills more into the public realm.

Keira Evans

Keira Evans @keiraeillustration 

Living in Cathays is great sometimes but not so much when you’re in lockdown with 1000 seagulls swarming outside….

Delphi Campbell

Delphi Campbell, 21 @delphicampbell

My name is Delphi Campbell, I’m 21 and a fine art graduate based in Cardiff.

My work could serve as a guide on how to make yourself ridiculous; I strive to deliver raw but humorous self-portraits, demonstrating exaggerated and multifaceted versions of the self. I predominantly work in soft sculpture, utilising fabric for its bare, fleshy rawness.

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