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Ebony Bernard

Ebony Bernard, 15 @ebonyrose_14

Hi! I’m Ebony and I’m 15 years old I’ve always wanted to be on a hot air balloon and climb mountains. I go to St Cyres in Penarth and I love creating amazing art. I started doing art when I was 6 years old.

Holly Miles

Holly Miles, 20 @picsbyhollymiles 

I’m a 20 year old born and raised in Cardiff. I really try to showcase different aspects of Cardiff through my pictures. But more recently I’ve been focusing on the black lives matter movement and participating in / photographing protests. Hopefully my work can help highlight the racial inequality that still unfortunately exists and educate people on how we can all work together to change this.


Marty, 18 @martyonfuji 

My name is Marty, I’m an 18 year old from The Docks/Cardiff Bay and I’m an amateur photographer. I started photography this year since being gifted a camera for Christmas. During this lockdown especially I’ve been able to capture some photographs of buildings and people I would never have noticed otherwise. Because of this, I think this competition would give me the opportunity to show Cardiff through the lens of a local who, over the last few months, has become very familiar with Cardiff and its beauty.

Here are the photographs I would like to nominate:

Two photos (Megaphone/power) are from two Black Lives Matter protests here in Cardiff and hopefully show how black voices are finally being amplified and recognised in Cardiff and around the world.

The other two photos are from Cardiff Bay. Tu ol drws just shows Cardiff Bay as a whole and how all the building fit perfectly together. Senedd is a more abstract photo which captures the Cardiff Bay sunset.

Tu ol drws

Saynab Isman

Saynab Isman, 16 @ittsssayyy

Hi, my Name is Saynab. I’m 16 years old and these are some photos I took (some were before lockdown and some are during the lockdown). I really love nature and therefore I just get happy when I see the sky is turning a different colour. I always used to take pictures when I used to go to my school and all I can say is I’m in love!

Rosanna Verdon-Roe

Rosanna Verdon-Roe, 20 @roroverdonroe


A drawing of an eclectic mix of quirky characters round a table, how many bizarre things can you see?

Anysha Ullah

Anysha Ullah, 16 @anyshaullah

This drawing shows two of the main Welsh pictures which is the daffodil and Cardiff castle.

Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan, 24 @ayesha918khan

I’m 24, I’m in my first year of art and design college. My name is Ayesha I have done these pieces of art work are actually from what I produced for my teacher part of my assignments I was doing in lockdown in on art and design course. One is a crisp packet collage, another is of portraits of my own family, the other is a chocolate rapper collage and the last one is a collage I did from drink wrappers.

The mask is actually my own face from using two different images, paper mache mask.

The portraits with yellow background is of random people I copied from google, I drew the faces with pencil then painted the faces with tomato sauce and the hair / glasses are painted with different colour proper paint.


Sian, 20 @shinuus_ 

Hi, I’m Sian, I’m 20 and an English literature student at Cardiff university. My grandparents were originally from Cardiff and I have many external family members there, so when I came to university here, it already felt like a second home. I painted Cardiff castle recently because I have been missing Cardiff so much and the castle holds many fond memories from my childhood and also my first year at university. I see the castle as a place of security and solidarity- something that stays unchanged and unmoved during this uncertain time so I took a bit of inspiration from Matisse and other more abstract paintings to get my finished picture. I have really fond my love of painting again through lockdown so I thought I would send it in for the young creatives competition!

Auryn Austin

Auryn Austin @aj_austin2001

Hi my names Auryn Austin and I’m 18 years old and I live to do detailed but very ink heavy work, I like to draw any and all things but mainly media driven work.


Hafsa, 17 @hafsaaa.x1

Hiya my names Hafsa I am 17 years old and I really love taking photos of the scenery I find it really soothing and relaxing. I’ve always found it so beautiful too 😍. I love sunrises and sunsets especially in the winter because I feel like that’s when they are best. You can’t beat an icy morning with a pink sky.

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