Closing date: 31.07.2020
Creative Thinker Call-Out

Towards a New Curriculum

In 2022, Wales will see the biggest change in the curriculum in over 30 years and at the core of this is a creative approach to how we learn, to support a lifetime of knowledge, skills and experience.

Here at National Theatre Wales, we believe in the value of imagination and echo the aspiration for learning that allows young people to become capable learners, enterprising, creative contributors and informed, confident individuals.

TEAM is NTW’s worldwide, diverse network of people who collaborate with the company, create work in their communities, give feedback about NTW work and inform its decisions.  TEAM engages with communities through bespoke programmes of empowerment, creative activism and intensive long-term engagement.  Education sits at the heart of TEAM and runs throughout all of our work.  NTW TEAM seeks to reach out to and engage with young people throughout Wales, the UK and internationally, through specific projects of engagement with younger participants whilst providing support, training and opportunities for teachers and creative educators.

We want to support educators and learners to make the transition towards the new curriculum, offering opportunities to be inspired by the most exciting creative thinkers in Wales.

This project is to develop materials around our forthcoming production, Go Tell the Bees.  Go Tell the Bees is a large-scale site-located show that tells the story of our connection to nature and to each other.  Shared over the course of a weekend, against a magical Pembrokeshire backdrop, this will be a festival-style celebration of creative collaboration between NTW TEAM, Counterpoint Arts and the people of Pembrokeshire, which offers lots of exciting thematic learning opportunities across Key Stages 2 & 3.

A Springboard for Learning

At the heart of Go Tell the Bees is the hope that by doing we can learn from each other, we can build confidence and skills and that we can experience through all of the senses. We want this production to have a positive impact on communities. Learning in an active and imaginative way is critical to this.

NTW TEAM want to create a hive of information, knowledge, activity and inspiration so that young people can use this space as a springboard for learning.

We have been working in association with Counterpoints Arts, who are leading the way with changing perceptions of refugees through their Simple Acts initiative. Simple Acts are small everyday actions to inspire change and remove barriers. We share the same belief that art can inspire social change and in consultation with our TEAM Panel we have worked together to create Seven Simple Acts directly connected to the ideas underpinning Go Tell the Bees.

The Seven Simple Acts will be animated and shared online and we want to accompany this work with a bundle of digital learning resources. It is envisaged that the Hive will be a space that we will recreate in the Festival programme for the actual production.

Creative Thinkers Call-Out

We are looking for a team of practitioners to identify learning opportunities around the Seven Simple Acts to develop a series of activities, resources and tasks to correspond with this. As a Creative Thinker you will be used to analysing information, facts, processes, methodologies, anecdotes and sources and you will be adept at generating practical and engaging learning resources.

Key Stage 2

We are looking for three Creative Thinkers to deliver to Key Stage 2. You will work across as many areas of learning and experience as possible and cover all of the Seven Simple Acts. Each practitioner will have 4 days to prepare, one consultation day with teachers and NTW TEAM and one further redrafting day. Differentiated tasks should be offered. The four purposes must be embedded in the thinking around each Simple Act and we will share the content of this as a starting point.

Key Stage 3

We are looking for three Creative Thinkers to cover Key Stage 3. You will each work across at least two areas of learning and experience and cover all of the Seven Simple Acts. Each practitioner will have 4 days to prepare, one consultation day with teachers and NTW TEAM and one further redrafting day.  Differentiated tasks should be offered. The four purposes must be embedded in the thinking around each Simple Act and we will share the content of this as a starting point.

The Six areas of Learning and Experience are:

Maths and Numeracy

Languages, Literacy and Communication

Health and Well-Being


Science and Technology

Expressive Arts

Four Purposes

The curriculum aims to support its learners to become:

  • ambitious, capable learners, ready to learn throughout their lives
  • enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life and work
  • ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world
  • healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.


Day rate of £200 per day. Please note, you will be generating content and do not need to format the work, there will be a template to support how to structure your thinking. You are not required to create lesson plans, but to develop stand-alone digital activities (films, presentations etc), resources and provocations that could be integrated into a wider lesson.

How to apply

Please send a cover letter stating why you would like to become a Hive Creative Thinker, identifying your experience and specific areas of expertise. What area/s of learning do you specialise in? Which Key Stage are you most interested in working with?  How would you create project-based learning models that allow pupils to experience wonder and delight in exploring a topic whilst also meeting subject-specific requirements?

Considering the central theme of Go Tell the Bees, which is our connection to nature and to each other, we would also like you to work with the three Simple Acts listed below, that have been used on previous projects – and at least two areas of learning you would aim to cover, focusing on either Key Stage 2 or Key Stage 3. Tell us how you would approach developing resources for these Simple Acts over more than one area of learning with that specific Key Stage. (Max 500 words).

Please include your CV and send an email addressed to Naomi Chiffi at team@nationaltheatrewales.org. You will also need to complete an equal opportunities monitoring google form, by clicking here.

Simple Acts

  1. Re-wild
  2. Consider the Stars
  3. Imagine a different way


Submission of interest by 5pm, Friday 31st July.

Interviews to be held Wednesday 5th & Thursday 6th August via Zoom.

The content for the digital resources will need to be ready by Thursday 10th September.

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