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Closing date: 28.05.2019
Emerging Directors 2019

We are pleased to announce that we are currently looking to appoint three Emerging Directors to work on our up-coming season.

Since the early days of NTW, we have been supporting directors to develop and expand their practice through our ‘Emerging Director’ opportunities; whether they are at the very beginnings of their directing careers or more established with productions of their own already under their belts, the Emerging Director position has marked a significant shift in the careers of those that have taken part.

What is an ‘Emerging Director’?
We have an Emerging Director on many of our productions. They work closely with the Director(s) and Lead Artists of our productions. They support them to realise the vision for the work whilst gaining crucial insights into the process of putting together a production on the large scale, often in a site-located context and with important links to local communities. The Emerging Director role is a key component of the team and requires attendance during research, rehearsals, production week and some performances.

Responsibilities may include: undertaking research on behalf of the director; support with casting; presence at design, production or planning meetings; taking notes in the rehearsal room on behalf of the director; running lines with actors; supporting stage management with preparation of rehearsal schedules and other basic support tasks including running. Depending on the project there may also be opportunities to direct particular sections of the production or direct community casts.

Each Emerging Director will also have the opportunity to take part in group meetings and the first NTW Emerging Director Lab.

Emerging Directors’ Group and Lab
It’s important to us that each Emerging Director has an incredible and personal experience but we also believe that it’s important to share your experiences with others and in doing so learn more about the experience for yourself. As well as having direct involvement in one NTW production, the Emerging Directors of the 2019 season will form a unique and supportive cohort that will meet several times across the season (minimum of three meetings) to discuss their experiences and share what they have learnt with the rest of the group. The group will also be looking to find interesting ways to share their experiences with the wider artistic community too. The group will be led by Julia Thomas, Associate Director and Simon Coates, Head of Creative Development.

We will also be hosting a Director’s Lab. All Emerging Directors will be expected to participate in this skills-focused development space. More information on the Lab to be announced in due course (please see below for dates).

By the end of the season, each Emerging Director will leave with new skills, techniques and tools, a range of new contacts within the industry, a unique insight into the making processes with NTW and personalised development plan for the future. It is envisaged that the group will meet in Cardiff.

Attendance during the rehearsal and production period is very important. It is our intention that the Emerging Directors will be able to attend key creative and production meetings throughout the production process, where possible.

Please see below for specific production schedules.

It is also vital that the Emerging Director’s attend the Emerging Director Group sessions. The dates for these will be set with the group at the beginning of the season.

The NTW Emerging Directors Lab will be held between 23 – 25 Oct 2019 in Cardiff.

Bursary, travel and accommodation
There is a bursary paid to each Emerging Director to support their involvement production and will be determined by the demands of each individual production schedule (see below for more information).

NTW will strive to help find the best solution to travel and accommodation for each Emerging Director whilst working on the production and to support their participation in the group meetings and Lab if they are not based in Cardiff.


Who can apply?
NTW is committed to the development of the arts in Wales. Through Emerging Directors, we are looking specifically to support the development of Directors who are based in and committed to making work in Wales.

This opportunity is open to artists of any age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability status. We will strive to make any required provisions, at interview and at work, to ensure that everyone has equal access to this opportunity. If you’d like to discuss your needs, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

Please see the production schedules below for more information.

Productions included in Emerging Directors 2019:

Writer Alan Harris
Directed by Jac Ifan Moore

Clara and Nyri. Two very different women. Two complicated lives. Both having a very bad day.

Mental health nurse Nyri’s woken up hungover with a younger man. Meanwhile, Clara has developed a compulsive wink and can’t remember if she’s taken her meds.

Nyri needs to get to Ebbw Vale Hospital via Greggs, and Clara is dodging signs telling her – rather rudely – to kill herself, so she can get cracking with her shoplifting list for The Devil.

Interweaving and unexpected connections collide in this fast-moving, touchingly funny one-woman show by Alan Harris.

N.B: We are particularly interested in hearing from Directors with an interest in taking work to Edinburgh Fringe in the future.

National Theatre Wales and The Royal Court
Writer Ed Thomas
Co-Directed by Vicky Featherstone and Ed Thomas

“One minute we had customers, the next minute there was no-one.”

In a lost village, blurred by redrawn borders, hidden under a crumb on the map, Bear Ridge Stores still stands.

After a hundred years, the family butchers and grocers – a place for odds and ends, contraband goods, and the last petrol pump for 30 miles – is now silent.

But owners John Daniel and Noni are going nowhere.

Outside in the dark, a figure is making their way towards them…

Ed Thomas, one of Wales’ leading playwrights and co-creator of hit television series Hinterland/Y Gwyll, returns to the stage with this brand-new play.


Hijinx and National Theatre Wales
Directed by Kully Thiarai & Ben Pettit-Wade
Created with Seiriol Davies & Tim Rhys-Evans with Only Boys Aloud

Half a century after the first moon landing, Mission Control explores the dark side of the moon.

Performed by a cast including professional neurodivergent and learning-disabled actors and featuring members of the Only Boys Aloud choirs, this immersive spectacle will re-create the atmosphere of fear, paranoia and optimism that led to two great powers believing they had to be the first to land a man on the moon. A brand new production examining the nature of truth, propaganda, espionage, manipulation and the necessity and redemptive power of myths.

N.B: We are particularly interested in hearing from Directors who are interested in working with neurodivergent and learning-disabled actors and/or in devised processes

To apply:

Please send us a copy of your up-to-date CV (max two sides of A4) with:

  • full contact details and a link to your NTW Community Profile
  • details of your directing/theatre-making experience – working with professional and non-professional casts
  • the contact details of two referees who know your work

Plus, a cover letter (max one side of A4) detailing:

  • why you think this is the right opportunity to support you and your development at this time and what you hope to get out of the experience;
  • Which two productions you are most interested in working on and why, drawing on any relevant experience you may have
  • a statement about your connection to Wales: we are focused on the development of theatre and theatre-making in Wales.

You will also need to complete an Equal Opportunities form
Please go to:

Please send the above to:

Deadline for applications: noon on 28th May.
Interviews will be held on the 5th June (Cardiff).


Production Schedules:

8 – 20 July (Cardiff)

Tech and Previews
W/c 22 July (Cardiff)

Fit Up, Tech and Previews
28 July (Edinburgh)

Previews & Performances
31 Jul – 2 Aug (Edinburgh)


N.B the Emerging Director will also have the opportunity to return to the Fringe to reconnect with the show and undertake research into what the Fringe has to offer

19 Aug – 14 Sep (Cardiff)

Technical rehearsals
W/c 16 Sep (Cardiff)
22 Oct – (London)

20 Sep – 5 Oct (Cardiff)
24 – 28 Oct (London)


28 Oct – 16 Nov

Tech week
w/c 18 Nov

22 – 24 Nov



Please note: there will be some occasional meetings on site/in NTW’s offices as part of all the activity outlined above.


Latest opportunities

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