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Balloon Girl – Transcript Audio Blog 1

Hello. I’m Hannah.

Thanks for listening.  I’m interested, why are you here? I mean what brought you here today?  Curiosity? A sense of duty?  Maybe you’re not sure, that’s ok…..but in the vast maze of the internet you found your way here! You could be watching mind expanding lectures on quantum physics, or checking out handy youtube guides on what to do if your sourdough doesn’t rise (I have no idea), or you could be looking at pictures of other people’s cats.

But you’re here. Thank you.

This week, in a parallel world where COVID 19 isn’t our collective reality, we would be gearing up to a large scale outdoor spectacular in Cardiff.   But life took a different turn and we’re not in the version of the future that any of us imagined.

Have you noticed? Time runs strangely at the moment. Chaotically. Unpredictably. Speeding up and slowing down.  Looping.  Days stretch endlessly and weeks pass in the blink of an eye. Past and present clash against each other.  Memories crashing into waking and dreaming moments like waves.

That reminds me I must remember to buy milk.

Sorry.  Where was I.

I first came across the story of Balloon Girl nearly 10 years ago, hidden in a pamphlet, in a dusty folder, on the top floor of Cardiff central Library. 

Today marks 124 years, to the day, since a young woman ascended by hot air balloon high above the Cardiff skies at 19.45pm on Tuesday 21st July 1896.  

Over the next four days you have the opportunity to follow her journey as we bring moments from the past back to life and imagine our shared future.

You might want to search out content as it appears over the week, or just sit back and see what drifts your way.   Either way a good place to start is  I’ve shared a link.

So for now; please fasten your seatbelts, stow away your tray table and join us for a flight into the unknown.

Oh and for those of you that like this kind of thing, here’s a picture of my cat.



21st July 2020


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