Year One in Pembrokeshire - Robbie Price - National Theatre Wales

Year One in Pembrokeshire – Robbie Price

November 14, 2018

It’s been a busy year in Pembrokeshire for TEAM. I’ve been meeting, getting to know and harvesting ideas from various people, from theatre enthusiasts and practitioners through to organisations and groups who may be interested in what NTW TEAM are planning in Pembrokeshire. Following on from our projects’ launch party in Cafe Pura, Tenby in April we have been gathering steam (and ideas) throughout the county.

In August we collaborated with the lovely people at Span Arts, a fantastic arts organisation with over 30 years of being heavily involved in the Art’s scene in Pembrokeshire and also with The Druidstone Hotel, a beautiful historic hotel, which somehow manages to miraculously appear to both nestle peacefully into the picturesque rugged cliffs of the wild west whilst also standing proudly above them as if intimidating the Irish sea into submission. The event was an open mic where each of our collaborators invited a number of acts to come and perform. The diversity of performances was excellent, from song and poetry to comedy and an extraordinary diversion from the norm by Owain Roach with his hilarious alter ego Donny Boy’s clowning escapades. After speaking with many of the acts, ranging in age from 12 to 70, it was apparent that they all had a passion for performing arts and were all keen to be involved in the genesis of our project. The event created opportunities for local volunteers, one of which was a technical role supporting our events sound and lighting team, facilitated by Span Art’s with their youth volunteer project headed up by Lauren Blacklaw-Jones. The volunteer roles were successful in that they thoroughly enjoyed and the volunteers appreciated being part of a professional show. We hope to maintain links with the young people involved and to invite them to be involved in our future Pembrokeshire productions.

My Life as TEAM’s Pembrokeshire Associate had a change of pace after the summer when NTW’s ‘Tide Whisperer’ came to Tenby in September. All of a sudden, people were contacting us and wanting to find out more, wanting to know how to get involved. This is when we formed the TEAM Pembrokeshire Community Choir aka ‘Cockles and Muscles’. The choir was formed to be the chorus for Tide Whisperer and with expert coaching from the John Hardy Music team and some (occasionally hilarious) movement training from wonderfully talented Ezra Farouque Khan, they nailed it and I must say I was incredibly proud. Go TEAM!

This brings us to now and after a short break, our Performance Party is just around the corner, and it’s time to hit the ground running. The Performance Party will be an opportunity to come and witness some short performances designed to make you think about what you, the people of Pembrokeshire want from a National Theatre Wales production in Pembrokeshire. There will be opportunities to then share ideas and feelings raised by the performances. We hope to come away with a much clearer picture of what the people really want from an NTW production in Pembrokeshire with a view to create something in, with and for Pembrokeshire which could only exist here. Come and Join us:

Yr Hen Swyddfa Bost / The Old Post Office
Stryd y Cei / Quay Street
Hwlffordd / Haverfordwest
SA61 2JE

22.11.18 _ 7 – 9pm


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