GALWAD: A week in the future

GALWAD’s Week in the Future (Monday 3 October - Friday 7 October 2022) was a series of live lessons and activities, co-created and co-designed with Eco-Schools Wales, to support the epic transmedia experience. 173 schools took part in the programme, with over 2,500 individual students attending live lessons.

Each day's activities can be accessed below, and are free to use as you wish. Perhaps you and your class will create your own Week in the Future, or you could use the resources to enable your learners to build connections across their learning experience. You could even combine our activities with the knowledge and skills already being experienced in your own classroom. The power is in your hands.

Download our schools' resources.

The lessons included interactive interviews and Q&As with special guests, engaging activities for pupils and glimpses into the future through GALWAD digital story content. Pupils were encouraged to explore and question what the future will mean for their schools, their communities and their lives. They were delivered in Welsh and English and were suitable for pupils aged 7-11 across the United Kingdom.

In addition to the activities and videos included in the Live Lessons, we created a range of activity sheets for teachers to deliver in class over one week. Each sheet draws on a different aspect of the days' themes and includes background information on the topic, links to resources, curriculum mapping and practical activity ideas.

Innovation and creativity sits at the heart of this exciting package. Select the content you think will drive improved learning and outcomes for your learners, and use your professional skills to combine meaningful learning from different areas, disciplines and concepts.

Imagining the future that we want to build