Newbridge Memo, Newbridge
Hail Cremation!
Balloon Girl
Across Wales
Located Residencies 2020

A small regular gift can really make a huge difference and allow us to plan in a more sustainable way

Touring forests of north, west, mid and south Wales
The Agency 2019/2020
Go Tell The Bees
Cardiff / Venice / Broadcast / Wrexham / Liverypool May - March 2021
Online & Cardiff
Wild Scenes at Cardiff
TEAM is a worldwide network of friends who play a part in everything we do. FREE to join, it's open to everyone 16+ - this is your chance to get creative and be at the heart of NTW.
Wales Writer in Residence 2020
Teachers! NTW offer a host of free TEAM Education Resources for studying The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning and Mametz
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