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Above all else we’re about connecting people: because we know that connection brings the unexpected, opens minds, ideas, ways of thinking and outcomes. It’s where creative sparks live. And by supporting us, you’ll play an active part in these connections too.

Shared experiences are a powerful way to trigger positive change and we’re brimming with ideas that you can help us bring to life.

As a charity, your support means that we’ll be able to reach more and more people and help them to connect and tell their stories, all over Wales. We want to reach anyone who’d like to get involved – especially people who think theatre isn’t for them - so we can show them that it is.

Your help is invaluable.

Ways to support us

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By making a donation you're supporting us to work with all of Wales’ creators, listeners, watchers, workers, sharers and dreamers.

You’re championing theatre in its broadest sense, as a journey that connects and questions us, surprises and delights us.

You’re part of the giant ripple effect that connects people and inspires change, all over our nation.

Corporate partnerships

Work isn’t always somewhere you get the chance to explore the unexpected – it’s more about getting things done. But together, we’ll explore opportunities to connect your people to ours, creatively.

Shared experiences are a powerful way to help people to develop and we’re brimming with ideas that your people can help us bring to life. In return, you’ll get to see people flourish, explore parts of themselves they wouldn’t ordinarily have time to and create shared experiences that you’ll all talk about for years to come.

We’d love to have a conversation with you about potential opportunities. We’re just an email away.