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  1. Looking back on TEAM Pembrokeshire's open mic night

    30 May 2023
    We’re having a look back at TEAM’s first open mic night in Small World Theatre, Cardigan. And what a night it was! All of the awesome people we met,…
  2. Newid Diwylliant / Culture Change

    Newid Diwylliant / Culture Change

    19 May 2023
    Newid Diwylliant / Culture Change is designed to permanently create and replicate equity within the arts sector in Wales. Starting with its…
  3. A black fold-up chair covered in colourful handwriting

    Get to know our Co-Chairs: Sharon Gilburd and Yvonne Connikie

    11 May 2023
    At the core of our new change-making vision is equality, social justice and a focus on well-being. We need leaders who can support our journey towards…
  4. Bidding farewell to Clive Jones

    22 March 2023
    Being Chair of a national organisation is no mean feat. Clive has led NTW through a period of massive change. After an impressive six-year term, it’s now…
  5. A model of a stage with a small mannequin in the centre.

    Reducing the environmental cost of The Cost of Living

    22 March 2023
    We asked writer, dramaturg, arts journalist and Cardiff University academic, Hari Berrow to venture backstage at Swansea Grand to meet with the production…
  6. A crowd of people are in a room with balloons, smiling.

    So, what next? It’s about change.

    7 March 2023
    We gathered recently in person and virtually to share what’s coming up in 2023. We laughed, we danced, we shared, and we had a bloody good catch-up. It…
  7. A group of people are sitting on the floor in a circle, they are all looking at one woman who is sat to the left.

    Bronwen Wilson Rashad - on being a wellbeing coordinator

    27 February 2023
    "We can make art whilst also caring for each other." The Cost of Living is about our rights and the many attacks upon them. It’s about how we might resist…
  8. Groups of people are standing in a well-lit bar, some are holding drinks.

    Looking back on TEAM Exchange: Pembrokeshire

    13 February 2023
    In February 2023, we held TEAM Exchange: Pembrokeshire at Hwb Narberth, to cultivate a creative conversation with local communities, friends of TEAM and a…
  9. A man in a fluorescent vest holds a mic to a young boy with a lightsaber, there are other children in the background.

    Welcome to Kidstown

    15 September 2022
    Roll back to 2020. All of us trying to hold it together, but in reality more like rabbits in headlights. We were all finding our way through the shock of…
  10. Woman standing in front of a microphone reading from a large book. There's a mirror and fairy lights in the background.

    Revisiting Dylan Thomas Day 2022

    16 June 2022
    "Sea shanties, storytelling, comedy, surfing, music and more…" Our Collaboration Manager, Naomi Chiffi shares how TEAM celebrated Dylan Thomas Day…
  11. Yen Robinson – on being a death doula

    10 June 2022
    “It is possible to take people to a place where they feel they can safely let go of life.” As a national theatre company we talk about how we can act as a…
  12. A portrait of a woman lit in blue and red light holding a cane.

    Maureen Blades – on being a funeral arranger

    2 June 2022
    “When you’re arranging a funeral, for me, it’s no dress rehearsal.” As a national theatre company, we talk about how we can act as a mirror and a…