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  1. Two individuals wearing brightly coloured clothes are sitting on swings, looking at each other and smiling.

    Pick up a copy of Feral Monster

    15 February 2024
  2. Feral Monster in rehearsals

    12 February 2024
  3. Meet the team behind Interwoven

    7 February 2024
  4. An individual with long bright blue hair, which is pink on top. They're wearing colourful makeup around their eyes and a colourful outfit.

    Meet Izzy Rabey, director of Feral Monster

    31 January 2024
  5. What was your teenage playlist?

    30 January 2024
  6. An individual is standing, leaning against a gate. They have short brown hair and are wearing a green jumper.

    Meet Bethan Marlow - the writer behind Feral Monster

    29 January 2024
  7. Cara Evans - on designing Feral Monster

    24 January 2024
  8. An individual with short brown hair, wearing a blue, green and red polo shirt and looking at the camera.

    Meet Osian Meilir - Feral Monster’s Movement Director

    23 January 2024
  9. An individual wearing glasses and a cardigan. They're sitting down with a laptop on their lap. They have short blonde and blue hair which is shaved on one side.

    Meet the dramaturg: Jennifer Lunn

    18 January 2024
  10. A priest is stood in a church.

    Father Dean - on what makes a Butetown funeral unique

    10 January 2024
  11. NTW's logo in yellow against a magenta background.

    Our statement in response to Arts Council Wales’ funding appeal process outcome

    19 December 2023
  12. An individual wearing an all-black outfit and a grey fedora. They have short grey hair and are looking ahead while leaning against a railing.

    Meet the dramaturg: Kaite O’Reilly

    27 October 2023