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  1. A group of protestors holding a sign that reads ‘Hands off our steeple, power to the people’.

    Experiencing A Proper Ordinary Miracle

    8 December 2022
    We invited writer, dramaturg and arts journalist Hari Berrow to venture up to Wrexham to see A Proper Ordinary Miracle. Here, she offers an insight into…
  2. A man in a fluorescent vest holds a mic to a young boy with a lightsaber, there are other children in the background.

    Welcome to Kidstown

    15 September 2022
    Roll back to 2020. All of us trying to hold it together, but in reality more like rabbits in headlights. We were all finding our way through the shock of…
  3. Woman standing in front of a microphone reading from a large book. There's a mirror and fairy lights in the background.

    Revisiting Dylan Thomas Day 2022

    16 June 2022
    "Sea shanties, storytelling, comedy, surfing, music and more…" Our Collaboration Manager, Naomi Chiffi shares how TEAM celebrated Dylan Thomas Day…
  4. Introducing Yen Robinson – on being a death doula

    10 June 2022
    “It is possible to take people to a place where they feel they can safely let go of life.” As a national theatre company we talk about how we can act as a…
  5. A portrait of a woman lit in blue and red light holding a cane.

    Maureen Blades – on being a funeral arranger

    2 June 2022
    “When you’re arranging a funeral, for me, it’s no dress rehearsal.” As a national theatre company, we talk about how we can act as a mirror and a…
  6. A black X shape with a yellow label on top reading 'HEAVY'.

    Let's talk about death

    25 May 2022
    Talking about death, loss and grief is hard. So hard, most of us avoid it. But by sharing experiences, making connections and starting conversations,…
  7. A group of young people are in a boxing ring wearing orange, green and white boxing gloves holding up their fists in a defence pose.

    TEAM presents The Dons

    3 May 2022
    TEAM has worked on projects with Pupil Referral Units in both Cardiff and Pembrokeshire and we’re always amazed by the positive impact this work has. Not…
  8. A bearded man wears a white hazmat suit and blue gloves.

    Getting frank with FRANK

    21 January 2022
    Ahead of the online premiere of FRANK, we sat down with the project's creators Buddug James Jones, Jesse Briton and Frank Thomas to learn more about its…
  9. Black and white image of a film crew

    Making FRANK: from forest to screen

    21 January 2022
    Created by The Jones Collective and National Theatre Wales, Frank is the story of one man’s journey through nature and grief, based on the experiences of…
  10. A black and white photograph of a woman in an armchair writing in a notebook.

    Wales Writer in Residence, Rhiannon Boyle tells us about her BBC Radio 4 play

    18 January 2022
    In 2019 my debut play Safe From Harm won the BBC Wales Writer in Residence competition. As part of the prize it’s commissioned for broadcast on BBC Radio…
  11. Silhouettes of four people filming an interview on a promenade.

    Naomi Chiffi maps the creation of Go Tell the Bees

    2 September 2021
    Multi-layered and full of lyrical language, Writer and Co-Creator Naomi Chiffi tells us more about the script for Go Tell the Bees and how it has been…
  12. A blue lit room filled with an audience watching a man playing an acoustic guitar.

    The eventful journey of Go Tell the Bees

    2 September 2021
    Writer and Co-Creator of Go Tell the Bees, Naomi Chiffi tells us about the long and eventful journey that has led to September’s film screenings: “The…