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"As a queer young person, I was so excited and happy because I'd never seen another gender-diverse person on the stage before." Audience member

Feral Monster was a coming-of-age story about the rollercoaster of adolescence which toured 5 venues across Wales in February and March 2024.

We prioritised recruiting an all-LGBTQIA+ creative team to tell this queer love story. For many of the cast, creatives and crew, this was their first opportunity to work on a large-scale musical production.

Two people are sitting on swings, one of them is holding another individual on the swing, and they look as though they’re about to fall off.
A group of people under a swing set are pulling face at another individual who's looking back at them.

"To have this opportunity to have my work produced by a national theatre company and for the queerness of it to be celebrated has been so valuable for me on a personal and professional level. I am hoping it will open doors for me to create more queer theatre, both in and out of Wales." Bethan Marlow, Feral Monster playwright

Our impact

  • 2,538 people attended with a high number of under 25s: 29% at Sherman Theatre

  • Not everyone could make it in person, but our campaign reached 821,463 people across live and digital activities.

"It was a powerful experience, and our young people really enjoyed it."

From The Amber Project (which supports any young person (aged 14-25) in the Cardiff areas who has experience of self-harm and/or is trans, non-binary or gender questioning)

"Everyone is still raving about the show. Our experience from start to finish was very welcoming and considerate."

From Peer-to-Peer Engagement Officer at UCAN Productions (blind and partially sighted group)

  • We employed 23 freelance theatre-makers

"Our mantra for this show every day we go and rehearse is “this is for the queer kids”." Izzy Rabey, Director

"Seeing the audiences flood in (from working-class queer folk of all ages to parents and their queer teenagers) has definitely given me the confidence that I have an audience for my stories." Bethan Marlow, Feral Monster playwright

"Feral Monster has been a wonderful opportunity for LGBTQIA+ artists to come together and work as a team to put on a big fabulous show. For me it’s been an exciting step in my career, having my work seen on some of the biggest stages in Wales." Marty Langthorne, Lighting Designer

"Feral Monster is the first proper musical I’d ever written, so it was a big career leap for me!" Nicola T. Chang, composer

"Thanks to this opportunity, I feel confident in working on other larger-scale productions as a music director." Alex Comana, Performing Music Director

An individual is stood on a stage with their arms pointed out in front of them and with an angry look on their face. Two individuals are stood behind closely behind them and in the background another individual is mimicking their pose.
  • We supported 12 emerging musicians to learn about making music for theatre. The artists performed at 9 Feral Fest gigs during the tour and recorded their new tracks in a studio after mentoring and workshops from Feral Monster’s writer and director.

"I had a wonderful time collaborating with and learning a different way to join different music genres together." Kat Rees, Feral Fest artist from Llanelli

  • We widened arts access by giving free/discounted tickets and travel grants to LGBT+ and youth groups, 10 schools and 5 universities.
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Two individuals are sat next to each other in a room, smiling. There's sound proofing attached to the walls and some audio equipment on a desk behind them, suggesting that they're sat in a recording studio. Another individual is sat just out of frame on the left.

"It spoke to my pupils on so many levels. We all laughed and cried our way through it … Most of my students have never even been to a theatre before so that in itself was special." Head of Year 10 from a school in Cardiff

"The young people all came out saying the show was unreal and are super thankful to have been able to see the show. It was truly spectacular!" Organised Kaos

"I enjoyed Feral Monster as it introduced me to new techniques that I had never seen before, and I enjoyed how it dealt with serious topics and issues people deal with every day in a creative way." Year 11 student from Brecon High School

  • We published 300 copies of Bethan Marlow’s script with Parthian Books, sold at tour venues and independent/LGBT+-run bookshops across Wales

"The publication of Bethan Marlow’s brilliant script will mean that it’s able to be shared and celebrated for years to come." Naomi Chiffi, Director of Collaboration, National Theatre Wales

"As a queer young person, I was so excited and happy because I'd never seen another gender-diverse person on the stage before… Thank you to everyone for putting the piece on the stage and creating and addressing things that often people are sometimes too scared to. It was brave, touching and inspiring." @rain_acceptance_from_the_sky

"I cannot shout loud enough about how much I loved this show. I was barking laughing like an idiot, wiping tears away for ages, clinging to each other in the audience." @Pixieglas

"It was a powerful experience, and our young people really enjoyed it." The Amber Project

"Everyone is still raving about the show. Our experience from start to finish was very welcoming and considerate." UCAN Productions

Five people are on a stage, Four of them are dancing around an individual who's lying down in the centre and looking at the camera.

Thank you

Everything we do at NTW is in collaboration. Feral Monster was a huge team effort bringing together artists, professionals and communities.

We want to say a special thank you to our funders.

Feral Monster was sponsored by Principality Building Society and supported by:

  • Arts Council Wales
  • PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund
  • John Ellerman Foundation, as part of NTWs’ Dramaturg programme
  • Jack Arts
  • UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, which is being administered by Cardiff Council.