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We’re excited to be partnering with Parthian Books and the Principality Building Society to publish the script of Feral Monster by Bethan Marlow.

You can order the script now for £9 plus postage. It will also be available to buy at the venues along the tour.

“We’re delighted to work with NTW and Bethan Marlow to publish such an exciting and relevant new play.” - Richard Davies, Parthian

“Growing up as a topless, tree-climbing, BMX-riding girl with spikes, there was a lot about the world that didn't make sense to me, including my place in it. Feral Monster is my attempt at finding the right words to explain what it's like to be a queer teenager in rural Wales and to use this story as an opportunity to celebrate all teenagers.

I'd like to imagine my teenage self thanking you for taking the time to read this play and hope you'll enjoy it. Although... she probably would have just talked at a million miles an hour saying everything but "diolch" and then took the piss out of you, ending on a crude joke and then joining the lads in climbing onto the school roof. But from me, now – diolch o galon.” - Bethan Marlow

“The publication of Bethan Marlow’s brilliant script will mean that it’s able to be shared and celebrated for years to come. Alongside Feral Monster, we’ve created a series of digital educational resources with some of the creative team, including Bethan, as we feel this is a brilliant text to study at GCSE and A-Level.” - Naomi Chiffi, Director of Collaboration, National Theatre Wales

The publication of the Feral Monster script is sponsored by the Principality Building Society.