The unexpected is the lifeblood of the stories we tell.

We make theatre in its broadest sense: a journey that connects and questions us, makes demands of us, provokes and pokes us, surprises and delights us.

We’re here to change things.

We do this by drawing people and places into experiences that enrich and inspire creators and audiences, alike. The unexplored corners of Wales’ rich cultures and communities are where we play.

We’re a free-range theatre company for all of Wales.

Because we aren’t tied to a physical space, we seek out locations and opportunities that add an exciting dimension to our work, expanding its reach.

So, you’ll find us in unanticipated spaces: on the shore; up a mountain; on a train; in the woods. And sometimes, when you least expect it, in a theatre, too.

It’s all about the giant ripple effect that connects people and inspires change.

We love that.