Our policies

We’re a theatre company. We’re also a charity, a business, an employer, an organisation, a host and a caretaker. Many things to many people.

We’re here to take risks artistically, but everything we do, we do responsibly. We care about openness, transparency, accountability, justice, the well-being of everyone we work with and the planet we share. Our company policies, plans and procedures speak to this in detail.

We have a lot of them. And we’re very happy to share them with anybody interested in looking at how we do things or using them as a basis for their own work. The ones listed below are the biggies that we need to make freely accessible to the public at all times. As for the others, give us a shout and we’ll be happy to share.

We apply UK Theatre’s 10 Principles for Safe and Inclusive Workspaces across all of our work. These principles aim to eradicate bullying, harassment and discrimination in our industry, and offer a shared vision for a safer, more inclusive workplace.