Environmental sustainability

We’re committed to reducing our carbon impact

We’re living in a climate crisis. We have to change the way we do things, and as a national theatre, we have to take a lead.

Our productions

Together with many other theatre companies across Wales and further afield, we’re using the Theatre Green Book as a guide to make our productions more sustainable. From calculating the carbon footprint of materials, to reusing and recycling.

In doing so, we’re aligning with the Welsh Government’s ambition to achieve zero carbon for the public sector by 2030.

It’s a huge undertaking. We’re not perfect. But we’re trying.

Taking action

We’re making progress in other areas too, including:

  • Carbon Literacy training
  • Hybrid working to reduce our daily commutes
  • Using public or shared transport when we have to travel around the country
  • Lightening the load of our website by making things easier to find and removing bulky energy-heavy content
  • Using more cloud based services so we’re less reliant on our server hardware
  • Declaring our support for Culture Declares Emergency

We promise to share more of our journey towards becoming carbon neutral, and everything we learn along the way.

If you think you can help us be more environmentally responsible, we’d love to hear from you.