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“It was amazing to see what coming together as a group and writing together can do.” - Wafa Arman

Over the last few months, our 12 Feral Fest artists have been busy. From workshops with the writer Bethan Marlow, director Izzy Rabey and musician Josh Whyte to recording at Cobra Studio in Newport to performing pre and post-show gigs along the Feral Monster tour.

Take a look at how they’ve been developing their craft and learning about music-making for theatre in this film by Kyle Morris.

We’ll keep you updated on what comes next. If you’re looking for info on gigs and releases, follow the artists on Instagram: Hedydd Ioan (Skylrk.), Fruit, Jared Planas (Stuttershock), Kat Rees, Keziah O’Hare (Kawr), Neo Ukando (May Swoon), Izak Zjalic (Sachasom), Richard Dannenberg (Karypsia), Rightkeysonly and Wafa Arman.