Feral Fest

Feral Fest was an entry point development opportunity package as part of NTW TEAM’s engagement work. It’s for anyone interested in the world of making music - but hasn’t yet found their first step onto that path.

Working with Feral Monster writer Bethan Marlow, Feral Monster director Izzy Rabey and musician Josh Whyte, early-career artists learned about songwriting and music-making for theatre.

There were pre and post-show gigs from our Feral Fest artists along the Feral Monster tour.

Meet the artists

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About Feral Fest

How it works

Talented musicians and groups/bands aged 18-28:

  • learn from industry professionals, including the creative team behind Feral Monster.
  • gain invaluable experience in creating music for theatre.
  • record their Feral Monster-inspired composition professionally, opening doors to radio stations and other platforms.
  • perform at venues along the Feral Monster tour alongside fellow Feral Fest musicians from across Wales.
  • become part of a new peer network of fellow Feral Fest musicians from across Wales.
  • become one of the first people to see Feral Monster at the dress rehearsal.
  • gain links to other networks in their local areas that can further assist their future creative journey.
How we're supporting
  • Travel, accommodation and expenses paid for:
    • an exclusive preview of Feral Monster at Sherman Theatre in Cardiff
    • gigs along the tour
  • Professional recording of their composed track that they can use for future promotion of their work.
  • Photography and film of their performances that they can use for future promotion of their work.
  • £260 per person to perform at two Feral Fest gigs.

Sherman Theatre

Wednesday 21 February
Aneurin at 21:00

Thursday 22 February
Neo Ukandu (May Swoon) at 21:00

Friday 23 February
Wafa Arman at 21:00

Saturday 24 February
Izak Zjalic (Sachasom) at 18:00
Richard Dannenberg (Karypsia) at 18:20
Hedydd Ioan (Skylrk.) + Osian Cai (Cai) at 21:00
Kat Rees at 21:20

Pontio, Bangor

Wednesday 6 March
Hedydd Ioan (Skylrk.) + Osian Cai (Cai) at 18:15

Thursday 7 March
Aneurin at 18:15
Neo Ukandu (May Swoon) at 18:30
Wafa Arman at 18:45
at 20:30
at 20:45

Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Thursday 29 February
Izak Zjalic (Sachasom) at 18:30
Richard Dannenberg (Karypsia) at 20:30

Ffwrnes, Llanelli

Wednesday 13 March
Keziah O'Hare (Kawr) + Jared Planas (Stuttershock) at 18:15

Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon

Thursday 21 March
Rightkeysonly at 18:30
Fruit at 20:30

Feral Monster is sponsored by the Principality Building Society and supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund, John Ellerman Foundation, as part of NTWs’ Dramaturg programme, Jack Arts and by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, which is being administered by Cardiff Council.