NTW is all about making connections that light creative sparks across Wales.

TEAM is at the heart of this.

We believe everyone has a right to access arts and creativity. TEAM gets to know people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, right across the country to make that happen.

There’s power to be found in telling your own stories, in whatever way you want to tell them. Strong, close communities do this all the time; it’s something we’ve learnt in spades from being out there with them.

TEAM is for everyone, however you’d like to get involved. For some people it’s photography, for others, film. It might be a piece of writing, or a piece of art. It may become a performance. It may be immensely private. You choose.

Our aim across all we do is to listen, learn and help people express some of Wales’ richest untold stories. Sometimes people find creative careers out of their experience with TEAM. Some channel that power back into their own lives and localities. Whatever it looks like, together we build creative communities across Wales and beyond.

Our latest programmes

Supported by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, which is being administered by Cardiff Council.

Connect with us

Like our National Theatre Wales TEAM Facebook page and follow NTW TEAM on Instagram for all our TEAM news and opportunities, events, skill-sharing, invitations, stories and more. You can also keep up to date via Twitter #ntwTEAM.

If you’ve got an idea, creative project or event that you want to share or discuss, or if you’re looking for some support from a friendly arts community, let us know.

You can join our National Theatre Wales TEAM Network Facebook group to connect and share directly with other freelancers and creatives.

TEAM in Pembrokeshire and Wrexham

In 2018, TEAM embarked on its biggest project to date.

Concentrating our focus on two key areas of Wales - Pembrokeshire and Wrexham - we wanted to explore what change might happen by embedding TEAM deep in the heart of two local communities.

Our plan has been to create opportunities for empowerment, leadership, creative activism, connection and long-term engagement, leading to a full-scale, co-created NTW production in each location.

Our work in Pembrokeshire and Wrexham is supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.