TEAM Wrexham

Co-creation is at the heart of our work in Wrexham. It enables us to bring people together to reflect, explore and ask questions. It helps us to unearth stories and arrive at the unexpected.

We spent the last four years getting to know the local community, the people and the place, asking what issues matter to them most. They chose the themes of home and homelessness as inspiration for this project.

Home can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s a place of safety and refuge. For others, the very idea of home is a source of instability and anxiety. It’s impossible to really understand the complex issues around homelessness without speaking to people who have experienced it. Listening to their stories has shaped our creative path.

All our work in Wrexham led to a co-created performance made with, by and for the local community: A Proper Ordinary Miracle.