TEAM Pembrokeshire

TEAM has been working deep in the heart of Pembrokeshire since 2018, as part of its biggest project to date.

We've been creating opportunities for empowerment, leadership, creative activism and connection leading to a full-scale, co-created production made by, with and for local people. The theme they chose to explore - climate change and the environment.

Co-creation is at the heart of TEAM's work. It enables us to bring people together to reflect, explore and ask questions. It helps us to unearth stories and arrive at the unexpected.

It's fair to say that our work in Pembrokeshire has taken many twists and turns - thanks, in no small part to having to navigate a global pandemic - but the people of Pembs are a resilient and determined bunch. Our final co-created production, Go Tell the Bees, was testament to that - check it out below.

Whilst working on Go Tell the Bees, we asked some of the people involved in the project what they’ve learnt about creativity and connection. Watch what they had to say.

Connect with us

If you have any creative ideas you'd like to share, or want to get involved with TEAM Pembrokeshire, we'd love to hear from you.