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  1. The Lemonade Lads

    29 June 2021
    The Lemonade Lads is a 2022 Imison Award-winning radio drama created by Faebian Averies, our Wales Writer in Residence in partnership with BBC Wales and…
  2. 5 minutes with… Anna Arrieta

    20 April 2021
    Catching up with one of our newest trustees, Anna Arrieta. Anna is a musician and youth work coordinator based in Cardiff. She specialises in creative…
  3. A black and white photograph of a city skyline.

    Festival UK* 2022 – our statement

    24 March 2021
    The announcement today of our successful bid for Festival UK* 2022 is testament to a huge amount of work and imagination; a rich alchemy of minds and…
  4. Wales Writer in Residence 2020: Faebian Averies

    7 December 2020
    Why do you write? I began pursuing writing properly in 2018 but have loved words ever since I can remember. I read a lot as a kid and alongside my 3…
  5. A forest scene with a huge bubble containing the word FRANK superimposed in the centre.

    Bubble Podcast from the Jones Collective and Plastique Fantastique

    19 November 2020
    The Jones Collective and Plastique Fantastique planned on spending this year in the forests and woods of Wales, sharing their artistic collaboration…
  6. Festival UK* 2022

    16 November 2020
    We’re extremely proud and happy to be able to announce that, together with creative partners in science, technology and the arts from across Wales, NTW…
  7. Kyle is wearing a black jacket with a black and white scarf around his neck

    Kyle Legall on the inspiration behind Cardiff 1919: Riots Redrawn

    25 October 2019
    “Cardiff 1919 Race Riots was an explosive period for the people of Cardiff, but more particularly, the families that lived in Tiger Bay. The Race Riots…