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  1. Three individuals are stood in a row, posing for a photo. The individual on the left is stood, has short brown curly hair and short brown facial hair. The individual in the centre is crouched slightly and has short red hair. The individual on the right is crouched, has short brown hair and are sticking their tongue out.

    Feral Monster in rehearsals

    12 February 2024
  2. A brown-skinned woman with long dark brown braids (or twists). Mid-thirties (34) with an athletic build. 5 foot 4 inches tall. Dark brown eyes.

    Meet the team behind Interwoven

    7 February 2024
  3. An individual with long bright blue hair, which is pink on top. They're wearing colourful makeup around their eyes and a colourful outfit.

    Meet Izzy Rabey, director of Feral Monster

    31 January 2024
  4. Three individuals are dancing in a line. The individual on the left is waving their left arm in the air while the individual in the centre is smiling. The individual on the right is holding their right hand up to their era as if they're pretending to listen to something on a pair of headphones.

    What was your teenage playlist?

    30 January 2024
  5. An individual is standing, leaning against a gate. They have short brown hair and are wearing a green jumper.

    Meet Bethan Marlow, the writer behind Feral Monster

    29 January 2024
  6. A poster for 'QUEER CIRCLE' is on the side of a metal structure, and there are some orange and blue metal frames in the background with a BMX bike leaning against them.

    Cara Evans - on designing Feral Monster

    24 January 2024
  7. An individual with short brown hair, wearing a blue, green and red polo shirt and looking at the camera.

    Meet Osian Meilir, Feral Monster’s Movement Director

    23 January 2024
  8. An individual wearing glasses and a cardigan. They're sitting down with a laptop on their lap. They have short blonde and blue hair which is shaved on one side.

    Meet the dramaturg: Jennifer Lunn

    18 January 2024
  9. A priest is stood in a church.

    Father Dean - on what makes a Butetown funeral unique

    10 January 2024
  10. NTW's logo in yellow against a magenta background.

    Our statement in response to Arts Council Wales’ funding appeal process outcome

    19 December 2023
  11. An individual wearing an all-black outfit and a grey fedora. They have short grey hair and are looking ahead while leaning against a railing.

    Meet the dramaturg: Kaite O’Reilly

    27 October 2023
  12. An individual is leaning back in a chair with their hands behind their head. They're wearing a yellow jumper.

    Meet the director: Gavin Porter

    6 October 2023