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"[Funerals in Butetown] are more of a community event, rather than a family event."

What makes a Butetown funeral unique?

Our show Circle of Fifths pays homage to funerals in Butetown, Wales' oldest multicultural community, and how these events represent one of the longest-standing traditions of this tight-knit community in Cardiff.

Zach, NTWs' Audiences and Communications Coordinator, met with Father Dean who plays a part in some of Butetown's funerals as the priest of St Mary's Church. We asked him about what makes funerals in Butetown distinctive.

In this audio interview, he explains how funerals are "a community event", talks about the "readiness of people to give the eulogy" and how the late Betty Campbell, a Welsh community activist from Butetown and Wales' first black head teacher, used to be the "go-to person" for eulogies, as she'd seen so many people grow up in the community.

Listen to the interview below or read the transcript.

Content information: This interview contains references to death and funerals.

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