Corporate support

Making theatre. Creating change.

We’re a free-range theatre company for the whole of Wales. We put collaboration and participation at the heart of our work – because we know creativity improves wellbeing, skills and confidence, bringing benefits that can be felt beyond the arts. In collaborating with us, you will play a part in helping to build vibrant, creative and confident communities across Wales.

We want to engage with everyone who’d like to get involved. In helping us reach more people, you can expand your impact to achieve your goals and objectives. And, together, we can create thrilling, shared experiences for your colleagues and communities that you’ll talk about for years to come. You’ll see your people and your communities flourish.

From bespoke, project-specific sponsorship to in-kind support or becoming a corporate partner, we can find meaningful ways to work together.

All the best things come from collaboration.

Let’s talk

We're just an email or phone call away (+44 (0)29 2252 8171).

Here are some of the ways we could work together:

Training and team-building

Using our network of brilliant theatre makers, we can create creative training and wellbeing-aligned team-building events that perfectly fit your needs.

Imagine an actor or director supporting communication skills training or role-playing for customer service – and making it fun.

Or we could help you create a completely unique, attention-grabbing event that’ll get everyone talking.

Community engagement

Our expertise in working deeply with communities and audiences can help your brand build meaningful relationships with the people of Wales – all while making a real difference to the places and people that matter to you.

Growing your reach

We can connect you with Wales’ best creatives in lighting, sound, staging, costumes and design to work with you on your branding, event or business spaces.

Supporting your corporate social responsibility aims

Our commitment to working with key individuals and young people, community engagement and participation, sustainable theatre-making and creating brilliant theatre that honours the Well-being of Future Generation Act offers incredible corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) alignment.