We're Still Here

Port Talbot Steelworks; site of one of the last heavy industries in Wales, and threatened with closure in 2015. The story made headlines around the world, and the Save Our Steel campaign was quick to respond, gathering a momentum that captured the spirit and uncertainty of our times.

Based on interviews with steelworkers, union representatives and the people of Port Talbot, We’re Still Here was a site-specific performance. Dynamically staged in the disused Byass Works, it celebrated the unique spirit of the town.

With kind permission from Amnesty International UK, we can offer one of their school lesson plans: The Power of Our Voices.

This plan has been specially created to inform students how artists have used their words and music to make a stand for human rights and fight for change. By working through the plan and using their skills in language and literacy, group presentation and critical thought, students will strengthen their knowledge and understanding of the struggle for human rights, and then take creative action by developing their own protest song.

Video resource

As a further resource for schools, we created a short film – The Making of We’re Still Here – featuring interviews with the directors and the cast in which they talk about creating a piece of site-specific work.