Mair Richards

“I had a couple of cats [...] I’d fostered them, and they were particularly nervous and frightened, but I remember playing classical music to calm them, and it seemed to work...”

Mair Richards was captured by young storyteller Theo Delahaye / Now Standing Entertainment at Stiwdio 3, Cardigan.

Listen to Mair's story below or read the transcript:

An individual with shoulder length blonde hair and glasses.
Credit: Theo Delahaye & Ellen Thomas 2023

Meet Theo

Hi, I'm Theo. I am a creative who works with various collaborators within communities and industries involving the arts and charities. I appreciate being part of creative projects that benefit the community showcasing my passion for storytelling.

I have been experimenting with film since I was eight and have excelled in video editing as my primary source of achievement for goals and ideas. Directing has been my second most ambition when achieving goals with my peers, and I have an eye for photography in my workflow. Communicating and working well when collaborating to bring ideas to life and not letting them stay dormant, which I find is a recurring successful ambition of mine. In my work for charities, I have been speaking in front of committees and establishments raising mental health awareness that initially sparked from working with a Junior Safeguarding board which gave me the confidence at a young age to speak in front of many people and my charity event in Ceredigion Museum in 2019 under 'Now Standing'.