Morgan Steed

"You've covered most of the pubs in Newport on the karaoke block, so, this is another difficult question for you: what is your favourite karaoke song? What are the crowd pleasers for you?"

"That's like choosing chocolate from Asdas!"

Morgan Steed was captured by young storyteller Mackenzie Steed at The Riverfront, Newport.

Listen to Morgan's story below or read the transcript:

An individual who's wearing a black cap and a blue jacket. They have short brown hair and are smiling.
Credit: Mackenzie Steed & Ellen Thomas 2023

Meet Mackenzie

My name is Mackenzie Steed (she/her).

I love rewatching iconic X Factor auditions, all-you-can-eat buffets and enthusiastically singing karaoke.

I'm a working-class support worker, actor and, writer, currently developing my one-woman show, That's My Win! with support from the Riverfront in my hometown, Newport.

Music has always been a friend to me. A tissue for my tears and a confetti cannon for my achievements. I learnt the expression of emotions that music can have on the adults I support, partially those who are non-verbal or have limited speech.