Ondrej Kandrac

"In my culture, even if we would wanna [share our funeral song], we couldn't, 'cause it brings us bad luck. So, we don't think about the future, and we don't think about funerals or anything."

Ondrej Kandrac was captured by access facilitator Reb Sutton and translated by young storyteller Maria Kandracova at The Riverfront, Newport.

Listen to Ondrej's story below:

An individual with short brown hair and brown eyes. They're looking at the camera.
Credit: Maria Kandracova & Ellen Thomas 2023

Meet Reb

I'm a Mixed UK/Roma musician/writer/theatre maker, and also work freelance in participatory arts and music in Newport. Music has always been a tool for me to process and release emotions. Music to me, is a universal language which can break through barriers, release stored emotion and encourage connection to our internal worlds and the environment around us.