Richard Jackson

"...I really started to appreciate the kind of music that could be of support and help to me - and how valuable art can be for just coping and dealing with these difficult things."

Richard Jackson (aka JacksorJacksor) was captured by young storyteller James Jones at The Riverfront, Newport.

Listen to Richard's story below or read the transcript:

An individual with short brown hair, glasses and a short brown beard. Their head is tilted and they're looking at the camera.
Credit: James Jones & Ellen Thomas 2023

Meet James

I'm a 24-year-old multi-instrumentalist, I first started performing in public at the age of eleven when I was invited to play solo violin to an audience of five thousand at Cardiff International Arena by the National Symphony Orchestra of London.

In 2022, after finishing my MA Songwriting And Production course at university, I was selected as one of six artists for funding from LAB7, and I released a jazz-infused rock and pop EP, singing for the first time. I also won a gold medal at the China-UK International Music Festival in my category of 23 and over (all instruments), competing on the ukulele.

I'm currently working on an album and have just started a band, She Died In Coventry.