Ruby Euniee Powell & Eleithia DeCosta Williams

“It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone... you know that one? That was one of my favourites on a Saturday night, and the way he moves? Even my husband used to get jealous!”

“Well to me, as they say, music is the fruit of life.”

Ruby Euniee Powell and Eleithia DeCosta Williams were captured by young storytellers Ayomikun Omiteru and Demetri Addison at Brixton House.

Listen to Ruby and Eleithia stories below or read the transcript:

Two individuals are stood for a picture, smiling, with their arms around each other. The individual on the left has short brown hair and glasses. The individual on the right also has glasses and is wearing a red beanie.
Credit: Ayomikun Omiteru, Demetri Addison & Ellen Thomas 2024

We'd like to give special thanks to Lesley Allen and the Creative Engagement team at Brixton House for all their support during the Young Storytellers project. These Audio Portraits were created with the young people of the Glow project and Stockwell Good Neighbours.