About Interwoven by Krystal S. Lowe sharing

Krystal S. Lowe is developing her one-woman dance show: Interwoven with us, as part of a co-commission with Unlimited. This contemporary circus meets dance theatre piece will centre around access and the enjoyment of a neurodiverse audience.

In Interwoven, Black hair culture is woven into an analogy for the human experience while celebrating Black care and intimacy.

Krystal will animate a series of biographical and autobiographical short stories and poems from around Wales through contemporary dance and ballet while exploring the storytelling opportunities surrounding Black beauty.

Join us for a sharing of this research and development. Krystal will share excerpts of Interwoven alongside Our Voice Bursary recipients Naseem Syed and Plamedi Santima-Akiso at the 2024 Our Voice Sharing Event.