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Catching up with one of our newest trustees, Anna Arrieta.

Anna is a musician and youth work coordinator based in Cardiff. She specialises in creative arts projects, supporting young people to reach their potential through creative mediums.

What inspired you to become a trustee?

I think what inspired me to become a trustee was the opportunity to have my perspective and voice heard about something that I am very passionate about, and to be able to have a seat at the table with decision makers. I think as a young person living in Wales, that’s a really valuable experience.

What excites you most about working with NTW?

What’s exciting me most is the curiosity I have going into the role. I’m excited to learn more about all of the amazing opportunities and projects that NTW has to offer, and feel connected once again to something that I love, theatre. I’m also looking forward to meeting some amazing people who I’m sure I will be able to learn so much from.

What difference do you hope to make at NTW?

I hope to share a fresh perspective with the team at NTW, and help to showcase all of the great work that we do. I also hope I am able to contribute to new upcoming projects and help to make opportunities accessible for all people regardless of their background or situation.

What would you like our audiences to know about you?

I’m a musician, and I’m a massive foodie! I also love to perform, I love theatre, and I enjoy collecting art pieces – mainly from Welsh local artists.

What is your most memorable theatrical experience?

I would have to say my final year of school, when I played Audrey 2, (the plant), in the show ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. I got the opportunity to re-envision the whole character and really make it my own. It was so much fun! It brings back great memories of all my friends, my teachers, and also one of my favourite venues in Wales, The Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl.

Where is your favourite place in Wales and why?

Cardiff. I have recently moved here, and I love how much culture and diversity there is. Every part of Cardiff is like its own little world, you could never get bored! Another place that springs to mind is Llandudno, I’ve only been there a couple of times but I remember the views on the train journey and they were so serene and beautiful, it really made me realise how much more there is to Wales.

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